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How much product do I use? Product usage below  

200ml Cream Cleanser - 50c amount needed. Should last 3 months 



125ml Gel Face wash - 20c amount needed. Should last 2-3 months


125ml Exfoliating Dermascrub - 10c amount needed. Should last 6 months. Used only once to twice a week. 


200ml Refreshing Toner - 5 drops on cotton wool. Should last 4 months  


50ml Revitalising Spritzer’s - 3 sprays in palm of hand or directly on face. Should last 3 months.

SRT Hydra Rose Fleur Spritzer 04.jpg

50ml Rejuvenating Serums - 10c - 1 pump. Should last 3 months 


50g Anti-Ageing Moisturising Day Cream - see on spatula. Should last 3-4months 


50g Anti-Ageing Nourishing Night Cream - see on spatula. Should last 3-4months with correct usage 


28ml Rejuvenating Eye cream - 1 pump for around the eye area and top lip. Should last 3 months with correct usage


50ml Luxurious Oils - R1 - 1 pump , 2 pumps if necessary, should last 3

  • What are the best products to start with? Our 3 Step cleansing method - Cleanser, Face Wash, Toner, Day and Night cream. You can then add the Lycoderm, Skin Vitality, Vit C Ester Serum, Baobab Oil and Dermascrub at a later stage. 


  • How do I choose the best skincare products for my skin? There is a description on each product on the online store, but we recommend you complete an Analysis Form for us and a certified skincare consultant will analysis and prescribe the correct skincare for your particular skin needs. This is service we offer, free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase the skincare prescribed to you. 


  • How long until I start seeing improvements in my skin? If you follow your skincare prescription religiously, you will start feeling improvements within 1-2 weeks, you will start seeing a difference within 1-2 months, and the biggest improvement will be seen after 6months of continuous use. 


  • Why can’t I use the Lycoderm without prescribed Serum and prescribed Spritzer? Lycoderm enhances the process of the skincare range. Therefore the serums and spritzers work with the Glycolic acid to exfoliate, to rehydrate and the stimulate collagen below the skins surface. Without these Spritzers and Serums, you could potentially cause an adverse effect (sensitivity, irritation and dehydration) Must be used according to the instructions given with your personalised prescription. 


  • When do I apply my sunscreen? Because Sunscreens have slightly bigger molecules (for protection) we always recommend that sunscreen should be the last thing you apply before makeup, preferably after your Day Cream.  


  • Why should I use the Cosmetique 2000 3x Step cleansing method? Our Cleanser is an emulsion which is water in oil, which penetrates the upper epidermis, dissolving any impurities in the skin, we then use the Gel facial wash to remove superficial impurities on the skin. The toner balances the pH of the skin to help penetration of the product that is applied afterwards.

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