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Concepts Range

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A Combination of Scientific and Indigenous Skincare


Concepts skincare developed with advanced research with leading cosmetic laboratories. A broad spectrum of the most advanced skin stabilizing, moisturizing and anti-aging components.

 A combination of indigenous plant oils have made this concept a major

role player in the cosmetic market. The Concepts range is suitable for all

skin types of any age.

This treatment may be combined with 10% or 15% AHA.


An emulsion with lavender essential oil


Facial Wash:   

Honeybush, Lavender and Buchu



A gentle exfoliater with Lavender - effective on sensitive skin



Honeybush, Lavender and Hamamelis - alcohol free


Protects from free radicals and sun radiation

Day cream:

Marula, Baobab, Avocado, Roseship, vit. E and Sphingolipids restore moisture to create a perfect concept of a healthy restored skin

Night Cream:

Combination of HySilk - a moisture magnet with Baobab, Roseship,vit C, Vit E and Lavender, essential oils create both nourishment and moisture, essential for Anti Aging

Wrinkle Correction Serum:

Hydrasensyl and HySilk create absorbency and act as a moisture magnet

Skin care and maintenance needs collaboration of ingredients to create synergy and results

The concepts range is suitable for all skin types

of any age.

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