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AET African Earth Treasures Kalahari Watermelon Night Creamfor All skin types - Anti-Ageing

AET Kalahari Watermelon Night Cream 50ml

  • KALAHARI WATERMELON SEED OIL the seeds are extracted by hand from the melon fruits, by pounding the whole fruit with large wooden poles in a wooden type basin. The seeds are left in the African sun to dry and then cleaned. Stat fold then imports the dried and cleaned seed in sustainable quantities into their farm premises. The oil is then extracted from the seed by their state of the art cold press expellers at a temperature of approximately 37 degree Celsius. They then refine the oil so as not to damage the components that makes up the oil to reduce the free fatty acid (FFA) to below 1% and also the peroxide value (PV) to below 1% as indicated in the specification. The natural colour is light yellow and the oil has no odour. The oil produced is a light oil high in omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acid (EFA?S), which is easily absorbed into the skin and is non-sticky to the touch. It has been suggested that this oil would be ideally suited for many skin care cosmetic products as formulations for face oil sprays, moisturisers and also eye gels to name a few.

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