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True Talents

Marie Pretorius


Charismatic co-owner and founder of Cosmetique 2000

She has over 49 years of experience within the beauty industry supported by studies from leading London and Paris beauty therapist schools.
Her passion lies within ensuring that the customers each receive the personalised attention that Cosmetique 2000 is known and respected for.
Marie undertakes to consult with each customer to develop a personal beauty prescription and is in contact with her clients regularly. Marie reaches out to customers irrespective of their location as her consultations are also telephonic.
Marie has used her expertise along with the technical knowledge of top experts who specialised in advanced biological skincare and treatments along with the assistance of her business partner Louise Mynhardt to develop an outstanding range of products that have been used by top professional aestheticians for over 20 years.
Marie's main activity when she is relaxing is painting which she started 16 years ago.
Marie's goal in life is to use her skills to empower people and leave a legacy and life vision.

Louise Mynhardt


Partner of Cosmetique 2000

From IT to beauty....
18 years ago Louise Mynhardt moved next door to Marie Pretorius as it is with Gods plan. i it was destined to be... After a little incident, their friendship started with an apologetic milk tart and coffee...
Louise, an expert in IT for more than 8 years decided to try beauty. After qualifying as a beauty therapist she set up her salon next door to Marie and it was when Marie became ill Louise came in as a partner of Cosmetique 2000.
Louise extended her knowledge of raw materials, formulations, indigenous oils and helped to trade mark all three brands of Cosmetique 2000 – African Earth Treasure (AET), Secret Room and Concepts Resurgence. Louise has played a huge role in establishing Cosmetique 2000 as a reputable cosmetic company used by clients, salons and top TV and film personalities for more than 15 years....

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