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Cosmetique 2000 founded by Marie Pretorius in 1974 and owned and managed by Marie Pretorius and Louise Mynhardt.

With a combined over 80 years in the beauty and skin care industry, the Cosmetique 2000 team is well equipped to take care of your anti-ageing skin care requirements.

Based in Randburg, the Cosmetique 2000 salon, The Face Place, has become a haven for many, including well known like Sandra Prinsloo, Mariette Kruger, Sorina Erasmus (aka Die Flooze), Elma Postma and many others, whose beautiful, healthy skins bear testimony to the effectiveness of the Cosmetique 2000 products.  

Cosmetique 2000 products use a combination of indigenous South African plants and oils with scientific research and advances gleaned from leading European laboratories. From Marula, Honeybush, baobab, avocado, rooibos and buchu, to the more exotic Kalahari watermelon seed oil, much is gained from Africa's rich heritage of indigenous plants.

Cosmetique 2000 offers three main anti-ageing, skin care ranges is: The Secret Room Therapy, African Earth Treasures and Concepts. Each of these ranges consists of cleansers, toners, day and night creams and specialised treatments like serums and spritzers.

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Crème Magnifique, from the Concepts range, is Cosmetique 2000's premier face cream and has been used with amazing results. The cream itself, developed by advanced research in conjunction with leading cosmetic laboratories, is a blend of indigenous oils and synergistic active ingredients to restore, revitalise, and protect the face, eye and neck area.

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The Cosmetique 2000 salon in Randburg, staffed by the professional Cosmetique 2000 team of therapists and consultants Louise, Marie, Tami and Erica offers a comprehensive skin care analysis, a personal beauty prescription followed by an advanced biological skincare treatment and an at-home skin care regime to give optimum results for a healthy, hydrated skin.

In addition, a skin analysis service via the Cosmetique website is offered. Click on Analysis, complete the Analysis questionnaire or call on 0832561573. Marie or Louise are then able to analyse your skin type and prescribe the products to suit you.

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